Monday, 13 July 2009

This week

A week of talk, in some cases all talk and no trousers. Mars is sliding into talky talky sign Gemini on Monday. Then Mercury, the planet of chitty chatty, zips into Leo at the weekend… But we’re currently mid-Eclipses... What to do? Read your horoscopes for appropriate talky action, plus, procure a yellow candle in time for the next Eclipse. (Instructions next week.) Other than that Sunday looks favourite for those who are young at heart and up for some spontaneous ‘fessions of lovin’ feelin’. True. And for those in the GMT time zone, the Moon is Void of Course from 9am until 3.40pm today (Monday). Prevaricate between these hours. Or have an extended lunchbreak. It’s no time for signing off on important emails, choosing a holiday destination, or picking a lane. Wait until 3.41pm… Word.

If you feel like your head’s been up your own bank balance of late, watch how the magic of talky talky grabs your tongue with both hands this week. Monday’s when the starting pistol goes off. Kablam and there’s no stopping this Ramfaced motor mouth. Where Astroducky figures the speaky speaky will be going great guns is in your love life. Mercury lands in this cutey pie zone on Saturday and if you’ve been thinking and planning around your homefires rather too much recently, you’ll be up for an altogether different sort of creative expression from the weekend. (And we’re talking potato painting, activities with kids, and Winky Winky.) But ooh, hark… Looks like a lover’s going to catch you off guard on Sunday but in a good way. Feel the frisson - and then talk about it, natch.

Okay Bullybull, you like your luxuries, no word of a lie, but how are the pennies looking? With both Venus and Mars in you bank vaults you’re craving those Jimmy Choos but wondering if you even have enough money for butter. If there was a time to talk about pay raises and earning more on the 9 – 5 now is it. Careful how you come on though. There’s assertive, and there’s pulping people with your horns and hooves. Jupiter, ruler of your 8th house of big commissions is sleeping right now in your zone of success. Big mortgage/credit/commission style income may be on hold until mid-October but make note of the dreams and premonitions in your gutsywuts this week and follow up on them in the Autumn. Mercury lands at Bullybull Towers at the weekend. That’s pals coming to stay, conversations with the landlord about the dicky boiler, and news from family cominacha. Finally, expected the delightfully unexpected vz news from friends and networks on Sunday.

If you have an Aries friend, now may be the time to invest in a stopwatch and start some talking competitions. The pair of you will be rather Me Me Me for the coming six weeks, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Getting a word in edgeways may be the soup du jour however, so pack a sense of humour when you set off on that long road trip together. You have Mars with you now so are a force to be reckoned with. What is BIG about having the fire God at your behest is that at last you’ll be getting some more restful nights’ kip and feeling less angsty during your waking hours. Fears you’ve had about what ‘them out there’ are trying to do to you becomes clear – and you have the cojones to deal with it. Again, as always with Mars, watch how you go. His energy can run rampant without a great rider in the saddle. At the weekend your ruler Gemini hops into your 3rd house of chitty chat. Book the road trip then. That Aries friend of yorn doesn’t stand a chance… ps Money and career click surprisingly on Sunday.

You’re still processing, aren’t you dear Crab? It seems that you want to roll over and play nicely nicely, but then you begin to feel like a doormat – and that feels bad. So you retreat. And then you feel terrible for retreating so you roll over and play nicely nicely, but then… and it goes on. You’ve just entered a two-year research and development phase of your inner workings especially vz how you operate in close one-to-onesies. So research and develop and give yourself time. Astroducky rather recommends writing things down. That way you can process your faux pas without stewing on it and feeling wretched at 3am. Right now, Crab, the Sun’s with you so for the time being there is happiness about the reef. Then at the weekend, Mercury moves into your bank vaults and there’ll be thoughts and conversations about money to focus on for a while. Fiscal ducks in a row, claw features. Meanwhile Sunday brings gorgeous news from overseas. Enjoy, enjoy.

As Mars moves into your 11th house of friends and socialising and Mercury moves into your first house of You at the weekend, it seems that certain things are getting ironed out at long last, oh Great One. For the past few weeks you may have felt that others were being less than Honest... or it may have been You who’s been being a tad Economical with the Truth. (And naturally you would have had good reason, Sire.) With Mars and Venus now in your social 11th house you’re (a) sorting the wheat from the chaff where real friends are concerned and (b) getting a little more ardent about your financial goals and your ability to reach them. Twittering like a demon is par for the course. Making small dolls with pins in of bad bad bad friends is another. And having bosom buddies round for a spicy chilli pot and crate of beer is yet another. Decisions, decisions Pussy Cat…

There’s schtuff happening on the career front, and it’s energy, respect, and cash-rich (or should be). But there seems to be Another Way brewing as we speak. You can feel it in your crystal clear waters, can’t you? Jupiter and Neptune are holding hands in this zone – but they’re in retreat... Pay attention to inklings this week, and continue to follow your nose, but plan for October for forwards action. In the meantime your ruler Mercury dips into your 12th house of Meep! at the weekend for a three week stay. Watch for moments of paranoia (‘who said that?!’), and fear that others are plotting about you behind your back (stop peeking through the key hole!). However, it might be you who’s playing your cards close to your chest too, Mother Goose. Avoid out and out porky pies but sometimes secretiveness is a canny modus operandi. Finally surprising wishes can come true vz close-one-to-onesies as Uranus meets up with the Sun on Sunday. Tell me! Tell me do!

The Martian energy is moving into your 9th house of long-range planning, studying, foreign affairs and publishing and broadcasting. With Venus your ruler already here you should be feeling a kind of Date with Destiny. This time though, instead of sitting it out and weighing everything up, you get to Pick a Lane and actually motor on an idea. Huzzah, Scales! Watch the weekend for a real sense that time is of the essence. For you, the talky talky chatterbox, Mercury, is honing in on your 11th house of wishes and friendships. It’s Facebook, Twitter ‘tastic, matey chumpie, and augurs in party time and social bunfighting of the first order. Across town: and there seems to be a surprising stroke of luck and timing vz you shining on the job front. Watch Sunday for a work-a-day peek-a-boo opportunity.

If there’s been hot tension or hot passion on the Love Front in the past few weeks, Scorpio, it’s going to get deeper (which a tiny part of you quite likes). Mars has moved into your 8th house of Sex, Death, and Taxes – and if you’re not sorting mortgages, bank loans, credit cards, or freelance commissions with gusto, you’re giving a Love Affair a good seeing to I should coco. But seeing to good? Or seeing to bad? Venus is here meaning there’s an opportunity for love and/or money. If you’re splitting up now, there may be an amicable option available. For Scorpios in happy relationships, you’ll be melting those sheets for the next month. Ahhh. Delicious… Meanwhile: Mercury the planet of chitty chat and commerce zones in on your house of fame and career success. Time to buff up that resumé and get it O-U-T OUT into the Big Wide World. Finally, when Uranus meets the Sun on Sunday, surprises come in the shape of bebes, creative ting, and cutey pies… Is that an overseas lover calling? Or an education course in potato painting? Or plans to mekka de bebes..? [NB see melting sheets, above.]

For you, things are starting to smoulder in the boudoir. Venus has had you writing schmoochy poetry to your choochywoochy for the past week. Now as Mars stomps into the rose-framed arbour he’s got more on his mind than sweet nothings. (Is that a thorn in your pocket..? etc and so forth). For single Archers the energy really is directing you to find a mate. Good places for you to mingle right now are airport lounges, evening or weekend classes, and the law courts… Seriously. With Mercury, ruler of your zone of one-to-onesies, ducking into your 9th house of study, travel, and legal shenanigans these are your soup du jour of meet and greets for the next three weeks. For all Archers there is likely to be news from abroad, or at least regarding study plans during July. Finally for now, home and money hook up surprisingly on Sunday. Is a mortgage/house sale within your grasp after all?

There’s a sense of getting back to the work-a-day world a-coming round the mountain, Goat. Mars is blasting his way into your 6th house of Office and Medicine Cabinets bringing energy to health regimes and work projects. His fire may exacerbate old war wounds so if in doubt, get to the docs. In the Office, Venus will keep you from acting like a Martian firebrand for a few weeks more, and generally speaking work should feel like a happy motivating place to be. From Saturday, Mercury hones in on your 8th house of Sex, Death, and Taxes. While whispering pervy sweet nothings is one way to play this energy, it’s also time to sort the spondoolies. Yes get the will in order, but also shop around for interest rates on loans and mortgages until you find the best deal. Finalmente, surprising chats with lovers on Sunday could make you glow a little, hoof features. (What was that about pervy sweet nothings? Astroducky sez, ‘Get a room!’ Gorgeous!)

The Eclipses may be unsettling, but it’s not generally in-ya-face unsettling, more the occasional pip of a car horn in the dead of night or an occasional melancholic refrain from a cello in a distant room… What’s going on under your nose, however, looks reet bonny, Inventive One. Mars has joined Venus in your fifth house of lovers, chilun, and creative ting. If you’re not bursting with ideas and action plans and potato painting bonanzas, then you’re wearing ridiculously small amounts of underwear and knockin’ ‘em dead with your smouldering ways. Meooow. At the weeknd Mercury makes a b-line for your 7th house of one-to-onesies and chats with bizniz and lovin’ partners is starred. With the Sun soon to join the party too, this looks like the start of something shiny. Finally for nowski, on Sunday watch for surprises vz making extra cash on the day job.

You’re healing a deep old wound, Fishypoo. Right now, with both Neptune and Jupiter slumbering in your 12th house of Meep! the healing process may slow a little while you get on with Every Day Stuff. By the Spring of 2010, you’ll be a leaping salmon sort of fish. Look at me! Looook at me!! For now though, Mars is heading into your 4th house of home and family and it’s time to tackle the repairs/lodger/in-laws. It’s a six-week stay of action and irritation. ‘Bonne chance,’ as they say. At the weekend Mercury the planet of chitty chat moves into your Office and Medicine Cabinet. If you’ve needed a check up, schedule it within the following three weeks. On the day job, expect to have an in-tray the size of small house but bold ideas of how to tackle it too. Lastly but not leastly, you’re about to surprise yourself. Watch for your response / proposals vz lovers, creative projects, and chilun. Oooh Fish! Is that a ring behind your back? Or a gooseberry bush?!