Saturday, 27 June 2009

This week

Sitting in a hammock in southern France after the computer crashed for the third time it occurred to yon Astroducky to just Get To The Point quickly this week. And so… to the Eclipses! From Tuesday 7 July we’re entering eclipse season. Eclipses are doors along the corridor of our lives Opening and Closing. Human Beans as a rule don’t like Change so it isn’t always thrilling to hear that eclipses mean if we don’t move forwards willingly then the Universe will Push Us forwards anyroad. Doing It Astrology this week is a heads up cut-out-and-keep guide as to what may be holding each sign back from braving the Big Shiny Future that awaits us. Clues lie in our 12th house of Meep! And Meeps! below offer a mission, should we choose to accept it, on broadening our Comfort Zones… For more Astroducky see this week on Tuesday and Thursday.

MEEP! Your inner demons that are long past their sell-by date concern ‘letting other people in’. That means sharing what you have as much as allowing yourself to belong in relationship on other people’s terms from time to time. Sharing what you have or going with the flow has often made you feel vulnerable – but rather than admit it you shout, brush it off, or slam doors. As we prepare for the eclipses your ruler Mars meets up with give-and-take planet Sedna mid-week. Power and sharing are not mutually exclusive. It’s how see-saws work. Weeeeeee! Tee hee!

MEEP! The passion in your heart right now, Bullybull, reflects your need to be the mature role model for your smallest, weakest self. To do it you’re going to have to stop earth-mothering everyone else, puff your chest out and put yourself first. In the past you’ve backed off from taking your place in the driver’s seat and settled for safe, comfortable, familiar territory (which includes the default of meeting the needs of others doesn’t it?) This week as Mars meets Sedna you get an early opportunity to try stamping a new path up the mountain laughing and crowing as you go. Get ready to continue this well after the eclipses.

MEEP! For Airy Ones picking a lane and sticking to it isn’t easy. When there are so many ideas to be thunk, why settle for one?! With earth sign Taurus in your 12th you fear the downsides of groundedness – stagnation, sameness, dullness, repetitiveness, boredom. But what about the up sides? Commitment, pleasure in luxury, patience, a long-slow pot roast... Astroducky paraphrases a leetle. What I is saying is that in all your thinking, talking, and planning of the moment don’t veer away from the winning plan just because challenges pop up ahead.

MEEP! For you, Gemini governs your 12th house. These Airy creatures share their thoughts and ideas with everyone. They are fabulous verbal torrents on two legs! They are stunning loquacious creatures! They are chatty, thinky, darlings! Something about all this revelation scares you in a way it doesn’t scare Geminis and it’s time to study their modus, Crabsticks. This week watch how friends state their feelings or intentions. Listen, learn, then get ready to dust off your soft underbelly and fear of being reeeeally heard and get verbally thrusty.

With Cancer the crab in your 12th house your MEEP involves struggling with inner demons screaming that needing people or showing your soft underbelly are unloveable weaknesses to be stamped out. Being Lord of the Jungle does rather require that you puff out your chest and be strong and dignified at all times, just in case one of your subjects may be watching (and with that gorgeous hair why wouldn’t they be?) The down side to all this posturing and roaring is that you/your subjects begin to miss out on how dern beautiful gentleness and humanity can be. No more! Show your caring side and burst in to tears if you wish. Softness is strength too Puddy Cat.

MEEP! Virgos are the quiet, analysing observers of the Zodiac, allegedly. But at times you do rather promote this modest image of yourself when there’s so much more going on behind closed doors. Virgos are the first people to question a show off or criticise a boaster and yet… is some of this wishing you could blow you own trumpet and attract some attention for the amazing things you can do? Leo rules your zone of Fear – yes, those bright, shiny confident creatures. Dying your hair bright is one approach to tackling this over-modesty. Wearing flashy clothes is another. This eclipse season make little steps towards showing off like famous Leo Madonna and learn to court the spotlight.

MEEP! As a Libran you were born popular. You’re good at parties. You love socialising. You generally have lots of friends. You’re gorgeous to look at. And you are the eternal-diplomat… But is this diplomacy holding you back? If you fear putting your foot down, or being critical, or saying anything that might lead to an ugly scene, it’s time to change tack. Particularly with one-to-onesies try allowing yourself to Speak Up and start Reaching Into the heart of the matter. Truths coming back at you may feel uncomfortable but they’ll feel real and that’s electrifying.

MEEP! Where Sagittarians may benefit from facing fears of ‘things getting a bit too heavy’, Scorpios could perhaps look at ways to add a little more levity into the daily wash. With relationships feeling p-r-e-t-t-y intense right now, this could offer a flea market of opportunity for browsing. Libra rules your 12th house of Meep! They represent balance, beauty, lightness, and ‘surface’. If your need to get to the bottom of everything at profound levels becomes depressive and burdensome sometimes, get to an art gallery, gaze at a flower, or play on a swing and try and enjoy the passing ‘surface’ of the moment.

MEEP! You are the open-minded adventurer of the zodiac, Archer. If not fearless, then certainly more fearless than so many of the other zodiac signs. Ruled by Jupiter you are generally a positive soul too and see the glass as half full. What’s not to like? Nothing! What’s to watch out for though is the following… running away when Things Need to be Faced and recognising that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Sometimes the biggest, bestest, scariest adventure can come when standing still and taking time to get to the beautiful, breath-taking heart of the matter.

MEEP! Running a tight ship might not always be the Best Way. Yes. Honest. We’re not saying mutiny, Goat, we’re suggesting just drifting a little, being a bit adventurous, not having to know the outcome as you set sail into the blue yonder. As the Goat of the Zodiac you present a picture of the sign who Commits and sallies forth; the one who Will Always Get There In The End. But what if a fruity distraction pops up? What if a chance to kick back or explore presents itself during a tight schedule? When the unscheduled comes calling, could you embrace it? Wild flowers are uplifting too.

MEEP! As an Inventive One you easily see 100 different ways of doing Things. You may try many approaches when doing Things just to satisfy your curious mind – changing goal posts and disappearing down long corridors almost forgetting what it was you originally set out to do. Where was I? Oh yes. The skies say that somewhere in your life you need to set a target and stick to it, like a Capricorn would. Home and family are connected to this, though trying a Direct Route may represent breaking an old (family) habit?


MEEP! A good role model for you right now would be an Aquarian. Watch how they march to the beat of their own drum (which is likely one they designed themselves but got someone else to make). Lately you’ve made some great strides in your confidence when it comes to Saying What’s On Your Fabulous Mind. Now as you’re growing in confidence you may find yourself wishing to move away from the old shoal, maybe going out on your own for a while, preparing to sign up to a whole new shoal somewhere up ahead.