Sunday, 18 May 2008

This Week

After the sweet vibes of the last few weeks, this one may be a bit of a bugger, and Astrobabble doesn’t say that lightly. It starts with a Blue Moon in Scorpio, and is quickly followed by a veil of deception from Neptune and a march down the corridor as Saturn, the ‘eadmaster of the zodiac, ‘as words with first the Sun and then Venus. At its extreme - insomnia, madness, trusting no-one and doubting yourself are pretty much par for the course. In moments of sanity, back up your computer and double and treble check travel, business, and financial plans scheduled for early next week (or postpone them if you can). Mercury, the gremlin of the skies, sticks a spanner in the works on Monday 26th as he heads backwards for a three week caper. Tsk. And boo!

The good stuff this week is the undiminished progress of Mars, your fiery ruler, in your house of kiddiwinks, creative ventures, and hubba hubba with casual squeezes. Focus here when the detritus that is affecting us all begins clunking at the back of your head and making you cross cross cross with the sheer idiocy of the human race. Monday, and you may feel that money is taking good care of itself. Tuesday and someone is trying to tell you that you can have that gold watch PLUS an American fridge freezer if you’ll just put your pin number down here on this sheet of paper… Someone fibs! Or you’re not watching your bottom line with any sense of reality! Don’t get caught napping… Simultaneously the Moon grows full in your house of endings and the Sun squares Saturn. The upshot is you have reached de end of de road where cruising is concerned. You need to let go of something your ego has grown far far too attached to - and get yourself in order where the ground rules are with work. Pointed words and/or pointy sticks are likely between you, co-workers, and de bossman. Go easy lemon squeezy. If you can stall ‘em without blowing a gasket you’ll find that the conversations/ reviews/appraisals next week are far far sweeter than they might otherwise be.

A big few weeks ahead cookie with virtual geometric patterns as the past keeps coming up for another lookeesee. Firstly the Blue Moon in your house of biziniz and squeezy partnerships on Monday night means that whatever gauntlet you threw down on April 20th comes back for conclusion and you can finally move on lighter/happier and/or surer to the next game from the compendium of life. Next in our re-run of ‘that was the week that was’, cast your mind back to last Monday 12th May and a ‘misunderstanding’ where someone told you black was white and expected you to believe it… Well they or someone of their ilk is back this Wednesday only this time it’s your heart they may be trying to dupe. Astrobabble advises that people fib for a reason, usually self-preservation, however compassion is one thing. Being a fool is quite another. (With Venus shimmering gold dust in your hair until the 24th it maybes your money or your physical figure dey wanna get dair grubby liddle hands on, hmm? Jes you mekka sure dey wash first!) The final ‘let’s go round again’ for this week is the Sun’s square to Saturn on Thursday. Money you may have staked your heart on to finance a creative project / pregnancy / singles holiday to Rio may be stuck in the sweaty hand of a bossman / authority figure. Don’t give up. Venus with her see-through blouse but mean-it briefcase meets the exact same point on Monday 26th. Mercury’s about turn in this same sector of the sky on the same day means you may have to rethink and redirect your approach but it isn’t a dead horse just yet. Finally zonk at the weekend. Your head is in no place for challenges.

A week which may confound explanation awaiteth. The Sun and Venus are heading your way, auguring in a time of shiny loveliness and stardust falling from your radiant hair and people wanting to sit near you on the bus… and yet, you can feel it coming already, the reverse of your pixie-like ruler Mercury, causing a blip right smack dabbit in the middle of your spectacular front of stage solo-turn in the Riverdance of your year. What does it all mean? Well, it means you need to rethink your fancy footwork. It means that sometimes you have to go over things one more time to be sure as sugar that you’re getting what you want and going where you want to be going. There will be times in the coming four weeks where the expression ‘going round the houses’ will be more than appropriate. It does seem that to check whether you are being you and are really, authentically happy to be in your own skin you must take the scenic route to your answers. With the Sun about to square Saturn in your house of home and family this week too the question arises again – are you dancing the Riverdance because you want to or because you think it suits someone else’s expectations (like your Mother por ejemplo)? Secondly with Venus in your 12th house of Boo! being squared by Neptune in your house of ‘Do You Know Where You’re Going To?’ you should probably be asking yourself why your propensity to behave like a doormat instead of a strong woman could be tripping you up every time you leave the house.

If you start hearing voices this week, Crab, don’t fret. It’s a small but select gathering in your house of ‘They’re out to get me I know they are’. Mercury, already causing you to worry incessantly, is about to head backwards invoking paranoia and froth as he goes – and the Sun and Venus, who arrive at the melee with pretzels and gossip this week on the back of a Full Moon, are going to add to your insomnia. The Blue Moon rounds off an issue with sprogs, creative ting, and/or passing squeezes which got nowhere fast at the time of the last Full Moon in April. At least something will finally be put to bed. On issues of the 12th house, the Sun’s transit here means your ego is wearing a lampshade on its head and hiding in the corner behind the cheese plant. Venus, desperately wanting to ‘make everything alright’ will be feeding him pretzels through the gaps in the leaves and making cooing noises. What you must strive to do in the coming weeks is desist from re-enacting this scene out in the real world, being defensive, hidey, and needy. Venus can be a doormat in this position just to get some love coming her way. If you can’t be strong be careful. Mercury’s retrograde starts Monday 26th and runs for three and a bit weeks. A little contratemps with an authority figure mid-week which then gets revisited on Monday 26th will give you food for thought enough for the duration.

Well looky here, pussy cat! Ain’t it looking swell? The Sun and Venus are on their way to your networky house making you shine like a furry rainbow wherever you go. Friends, group activities, dinner parties have You YOu YOU at the top of their guestlists and with Mars still talking through you like an operatic messiah, you have no reason to doubt all this honour and affection. The general themes are looking good, however, this is planet earth and this week brings a handful of stresses to take to your masseuse and pedicurist. The Full Moon in your fourth house of home and family in the early hours of Tuesday brings to a head an issue that wanted resolution on April 20th but never got it. Whether it’s a lodger, a family spat, or some news from your Ma it should come out in the wash this week. Then Tuesday daytime and there’s some fudging going on with a biziniz or squeezy partner. Who is zooming who? Careful that pretty nose of yours doesn’t start growing. It may relate to a similar fudge from Monday last week. Eyes open. Buy some time and make no decisions – especially where money is concerned. Banks and authority figures aren’t being sweet this week either. The jet ski and emerald-encrusted tiara will just have to wait.

The Blue Moon in Scorpio early Tuesday brings to a head a conversation/ debate/ hot topic that didn’t quite reach a conclusion at the last Full Moon on April 20th. As one who is wont to talk and analyse and conjecture this protraction may have been a huge annoyance. However the time is now and you can at last make your decisions about your future direction based on what is said / written between the lines/flatly denied. This lunar doo-dah rather neatly dovetails with an irksome spat between the Sun and the dogged Saturn, currently carrying out muster in your front room. Fear not, pretty Virgin, this is merely a test (you see, you like tests). This one asks can you work harder for what you want? Can you jump over this hurdle and find love in the labour en route to what you want? Saturn may pull back the sofa to reveal a year’s worth of dust and Doritos underneath but there’s no way, pickle, you will feel good about yourself until you know the job’s done proper, like. What you can be a little wary of this week is someone at work telling you a mini porker. Tuesday and into Wednesday Venus squares Neptune in the exact same spot the Sun did last week. Double check money questions about what the deal /contract involves – delaying any answers until later in the week. And don’t be tempted to stretch the truth too much yourself… Finally, Mercury your winged ruler, is about to start running backwards through your tenth house of, “I’m the One That You Want!” in your boardroom of worldly success. It’s time to review how far you’ve come – and to review how far bosses can push you, perhaps?

Matchsticks at the ready, Libra, it’s a week to stay alert. The Full Moon in the early hours of Tuesday morning finally forces your hand on a financial matter which has been dragging its heels noisily for the past five weeks. The knock-on effects will be far-reaching but it’ll feel like a relief to at last have the facts and some peace. You’re into a time of review of where you’re headed in all areas of life viz love, money, work and what of the past you’re bringing with you generally. As the Sun and Venus arrive in your house of far horizons to be greeted by a retrograding Mercury there’s conversations to be had – including with bosses who may seem determined to bleed you dry. From boardroom to bedroom and the theme of not being clear / drawing a line / stretching the truth where love is concerned continues. Neptune in your fifth house of squeezes and children pulls the wool over Venus’s eyes this week. If someone is ready to go don’t throw them a line so they doubt their resolve just for the sake of your own ego. And likewise, watch what tricks people are playing on you so you feel you should stay the same – just when you’d decided it was time to change. (If you keep doing what you’ve done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got, capice?) Finally if all the activity vis your far horizons has you literally reaching for your bathers and/or a World Atlas - pack some patience. The days around Mercury’s retrograde on May 26th are likely to bring snafus to travel plans. Check the oil in the car. And bypass certain London airports entirely.

Two themes in your week this week Scorpio: a) What is and (b) What isn’t. After what should have been golden and pretty times with loved ones in the past few weeks, not to mention lucrative biz partnerships helping you onwards, the time has come for change. The eighth house, the house of sex, death, taxes (ie endings, transformations and tycoonery), is going to be your raison d’etre in the coming months. First up, the Blue Moon right in your personal space ties up that question you’ve been pondering for the past four weeks as to what is and what isn’t the right path to be taking for YOU and You Alone. Secondly the square between Venus and Neptune on Tuesday may spell a set too between your family and your significant other – or a realisation that reality checks are in order where the home / household bills and your significant other are concerned. Thirdly as the Sun and Venus arrive in that eighth house of yours they both get a steely glance from Saturn, currently camping out methodically in your 11th house of wishes. Where are your strengths? Who are your strongest allies? What changes need to come about so you can make those wishes come true? Mercury’s timely retrograde in your 8th house brings with it new ideas. Think, discuss, plan – and put them into action by July. It’s then you can start making a fast track to the future – along with renewing your relationship to making biiiig mooooney!

If you’re feeling a little fraught as you read this, fear not. It’s the Scorpio Blue Moon doing its thing with your marbles. Write down what lies at the heart of your paranoia (what you think everyone is saying about you / the size of your bum/ the efficacy of your ‘crankshaft’) and then focus on improving your self worth in this area in the coming weeks. Next watch very verrrrry carefully what is being said in the office and by the water cooler. Rumours around the work place are rife under these skies. Don’t get involved and no no no fan dem flames. Take note and wait. If there is some truth to what’s been said, Thursday and next Monday, when the bossman takes centre stage in the open-plan and starts issuing directives, you’ll know what’s what. Certainly with your focus on money and your own on-going challenges vis how you relate to abundance and how you go about getting it, these may be pivotal times. Aside from this burdensome work and money palaver there is some fluffy relating stars in these skies, Archer. The Sun and Venus moving into your 7th house of bizniz and squeezy partners, brings with it some time of companionship and some time for ardour no less. And Mercury’s about turn early next week brings vows back for renewal and even old lovers coming back for a cuppa and a chat around the campfire of your lives then and now.

Monday’s Blue Moon means that at last, after a ball-breaking four weeks of torment, a wish that you have wished so hard for either comes to fruition or bursts like a balloon filled with water falling to the pavement from the top floor of a tenement block. Is it love stuff? Venus and the Sun have been chasing each other through your playground of love and chilun for the past three weeks but this week the flirting duo are stopped dead in their tracks as the headteacher storms out of his office and reminds them that the break bell rang over five minutes ago and it’s high time they were back behind their classroom desks. Sigh. Dull dull dull. You know that your real desire, as you stare out of the window, is getting to the horizon – but how can you muster your camels of love and work (and your ego) and get the lumpy caravan moving in harmony? HOW?! Change is how but with Mars possessing your ego and shouting “Raaar” and “Knob off” every time someone offers you a suggestion, you’ll be the first to ignore what may be kind and useful advice. And yet… Saturn, sitting on your shoulder like a very heavy parrot, sez the horizon beckons and will not wait. Grr and argh. As if this wasn’t enough to think on this week, along comes a Mercury retrograde in your office and medicine cabinet. Work issues and contracts are under review (read the small print); and old health issues could do with a check up or whole new approach. Finally, Tuesday, don’t fib to a lover and don’t be duped by one. Insist on the truth but ask for it on Friday…

Oooh Aquarius – lucky pants at the ready! As the Sun and Venus swoon dreamily into your fifth house of hubba hubba, chilun, creativity AND Mercury does an about turn in the same space AND Mars is thrusting his posing pouch unashamedly in your 7th house of squeezy partnerships there really is some lovin’ coming your way. Yes indeed. Ooh core blimey it’s getting hot in here. Mercury’s about turn could mean old squeezes calling to ‘collect that book they leant you’ all the while, actually, intent on discovering the colour of your current lucky pants de favorit... Shock! If you’re coupled up and taking birthcontrol 'measures' watch slip ups around May 26th. Seriously. But if you ignore us, Astrobabble will do a turn at the baby shower a year from now. Wink. The stubborn / tricky / irritating moments this week fall Thursday and Monday 26th as the Sun and then Venus are ticked off by Saturn. It may be a discussion about chilun. It may be a ding in the road of a creative venture that suddenly needs sorting. It may be a lover who is into certain bedroom (or public car park) activities that leave you ashen. Yikes. It may be you puffing your chest out and having to be extra doubly firm with an ex who just doesn’t seem to get the message that your lucky pants are not shared terrain any longer. Some people! Deal with it, Airy one, and then, yesiree it’s a looky mucha mucha sweeta from then on! Wink, wink!!

A Blue Moon in your ninth house of ‘Do You Know Where You’re Going To?’ may leave you befuddled come Monday but it’s only the Universe poking you in the head to make you focus a wee bit harder. Where you can expend some worry time if you like is the notion that someone isn’t quiet selling you the full pie crust. Neptune, swishing around in your 12th house making everything appear blurry squares up to Venus in your third house of chitty chat and neighbours on Tuesday. Have you got the right end of the stick or is someone telling you a half-porky? The truth will out. A good place to use your energy this week is your home and family life. With the Sun and Venus heading to your front door, and Mercury’s impending retrograde in the same zone, this spells family news, entertaining at home and possible new arrivals, as well as family reunions and fancy dress dinner parties. Ooh goody. Amidst the bunting and table decorating there are some harsher moments to contend with as both the Sun and Venus square up to hawk-eyed Saturn at the threshold of your front door. This is your significant others of a biziniz or squeezy nature having different agendas to yours – whether that’s the theme of the dinner party, your decision to invite all of your ex boyfriends, or even bosses standing in the way of your reunion plans by refusing to alter the rota. Stuff ‘em!! The chafing will lighten up so roll with it. Book in caterers for the party if ness’ and change into your Spidey outfit in the taxi on the way home from the late shift. Arriba.