Monday, 4 February 2008

This Week

We're into Eclipses again this week, this time in Aquarius and Leo. Eclipses are the key to leaving the past where it belongs and accepting that the future needs to happen. Have a good week.

If you feel like gadding then gad, Ram features, especially if it’s to see old friends. Short journeys with a bit of excitement and spontaneity will keep you from going maaad while you wait for Spring and sense. Be careful what you wish for Thursday. It’s your annual wishing Moon so you’re right to be hankering for a dream or two. But chances are you haven’t thunk it through, what with Mercury hiding under the table of your metaphysical and forward-projecting smorgasbord. Try as you might to iron the specifics you just can’t get the creases out. So what to do, what to do, what to do? Drive to see a friend and daydream en route. Voila. Some inspiration on the light at the end of the tunnel strikes Wednesday (or Thursday if you’re still daydreaming Wednesday). Write it down. Keep it in a safe place. It’ll be with you in March.

Yiiiikes and pfrrreeeugh. Tenterhooks and deep freeze; waiting in the wings but no clue what play is about to start and which character you are anyways… There’s something isn’t there and you know it, I know it, but what it is? Pah. That’s the billion dollar question. There is a conversation / breakthrough / watershed moment or three that is coming your way. The shape of it, its source, function, exit point are yet to be revealed. Watch for a surprise inkling in your waters mid-week and a brill new picture of success presenting itself Thursday though shrouded by a cloudy wisp. It’s going to get cloudier before it gets clearer but you already know that don’t you? Between now and the last week of February hang fire and muster your patience. Come dates surrounding 26th Feb you can hold your court. The key thing is, lovely, you CANNOT miss it so quit worrying and just get on with doing the best you can. Taking it easy now will ensure you are fresh, deodorised, and kempt for then.

One step forward, bowl of custard, magnetic north, Wind in the Willows. Fairy, it’s just not chess this week. Logic schmogic indeed. But trust it. You’re having a virtual opium-fuelled vision of your wash right now so distinguishing favourite socks from perfect interview blouson is no easy task. Your winged ruler Mercury, planet of the chitty chat, IT, transport, and comms generally has just been ducked under the briney for a tete a tete with Neptune. Now that he’s safely up for air and hauling back to the beach for a breather - the Sun itself is now lilo-bound for the very same tete next Monday. This tooey froey waxy waney (Rooney?) in your house of long-term planning (and legalities) will come to an end March time. All you need to know right now is Surrealism will be making more sense to you than ever before PLUS this break from reality (and your perceived imperfections of the everyday world) are just what you need. If you were a stronger, braver, bigger version of yourself, what would you be doing? Now you have the majesty of illusion at your disposal, be brave enough to do it.

Take Tuesday off. And with those 24 little hours, find yourself a dreamy view of hills, countryside, roses, cherubims playing mandolins and flutes, and remember that love is THE only thing that matters. The way things have been is O-V-E-R. You’ve got an Eclipse happening on Thursday and you’ll know it as the wee hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Today really is the first day and so forth amen. Open your eyes and see that there is space, like an open prairie in front of you, and now is your time to plan your digging and a-planting. If it’s paperwork you need to sign off before beginning to dig then wait til the 21st or after and start the process then. Remember, if you need inspiration, you’ve love, money and support by the wagonload from those closest to you. Be brave enough to ask.

Your heart is where it’s at this week pussy cat, and I mean your head, mind, soul, time, focus – they are all hanging around in your heart. On Tuesday there’s a sense of the cosmic about it; by forgiving another you are forgiven, by loving another you are loved. So you see, in the other in your life there is a side of yourself that you just can’t get to on your own; relationship is allowing you to love and forgive yourself by proxy. However hard you or they work to ensure conversations continue you know that that’s not what you’re really after. The eclipse season comes twice a year for the next three years for you and is all about you finding yourself and moving yourself into the future (see Aquarius horoscope above too). On Thursday steal some quiet time. When you’re nicely sat sitting on that big rock in the woods with the sunlight glinting through the tallest branches, imagine a version of yourself 10 years from now, and ask them – “What does ‘love’ mean? What are you giving and getting from love each and every day of your life?” Then head that way home. It’s the only way to go.

One step forwards. Analyse, analyse. Lose momentum. Grind to a halt. Eat and then stress about the calorific excess… Could it be that you have a clear idea about what you are but don’t seem to be getting anywhere fast? Yessirreebob. The ‘issue’ is that both the Sun and the New Moon Eclipse this Thursday are both clapping you heartily on the back for doing wonders in the scope of your career and your workaday world. On the other ‘hand’ Mercury, your Lord and Master, is fannying about with a toy train in a field and not even aiding you with a by-your-leave to assist your new steps along the path to feudal freedom. Without one you feel you have neither. Wrong, pretty friend! You know what IT is, you can taste it like angostura bitters on your tongue. The ‘point’ is it’s just not quite time. You can carp and analyse and run to the library and re-tidy the cutlery drawer. Or you can let go and make your choices and re-iterate your case come end of Feb. What is quite cute in the meantime is a link between Venus and Uranus. A creative business or loving partnership is aired this week. Discuss. Peruse. Discuss again with a view to clinching the dealio in March.

You’re at a turning point although not a dramatic, tidy little corner which takes you into a whole new world. You’re at a point of knowing that you have a couple of years to tidy life up, get it in order, release yourself from the patterns that no longer serve a purpose in the you you are becoming and want more than anything to be. The first part of this is love affairs, children, and the creative you which at the moment don’t dovetail as neatly as they should. The other is the notion of moving house – to be closer to work, downsizing so you can step back from work, or switching life round so you can work from home, or even to be working more than one job so you can fit children and creativity and love affairs in amongst your work-a-day world. If you can get somewhere hot, and do this navel gazing lying on a hammock, so much the better. The exercise is a far-reaching spiritual Spring clean. It’s time to start sorting your life into three piles on the bed – the stuff that’s staying, the stuff that’s going to the Red Cross, and the stuff you haven’t decided about just yet. When this third pile has been consigned, your future will begin. There’s no rush, but you have to do it. Do you understand?

There’s putting a brave face on it – and then there’s reality. We can all do both if needs must but for you, reality is THE only thing that matters. A situation which is too important to ignore, is beginning to reach its breaking point but broaching that subject is painful, exposing, and an end game. Your home is really what is at stake. Where you feel safest. That can be a physical building, a relationship, a mother, or a state of mind. For each of us, our chance this lifetime is to challenge ourselves and grow and not to dance to the tune of a different pipe player or grow towards the light of someone else’s sun. This week you will know where you have been barking up the wrong Hornbeam. Don’t pressurise yourself to have that conversation straight away. You need to sort that out in your own head. By the end of Feb, you will find the heart to say it. On a lighter, fluffier note, a chance encounter or conversation mid-week will bring a love or creative opportunity right to ya.

Marriage, relationships, significant business partnerships are starting to gather a head of steam, Archer. Raa and ‘ray for that. If this is a selling up and moving in scenario, you could have some good news vis what your four walls are worth. On a more sticky side of life’s bat, the sibling’ weirdness of last week’s forecast is set to continue. It’s either sibling and/or neighbours but there’s some mixed signals and some right ballyhoo going on under the surface. Expect dramatic statements Thursday which will be eaten by this time next week… to be replaced by something less solid but equally strange. It doesn’t make sense to me. It doesn’t make sense to them. How can it make sense to you? The important thing is, in between the heating up and the house prices (above) this troubled neighbour or brother or sister needs you. You’ll kick yourself later if you’re not there.

Take Tuesday off. And if you can’t, go on a business meeting far far away so that you can drive along listening the radio and having a good old empty-headed journey to free your psyche from the day to day. Spontaneity. Short trips. Make it happen and make it happen now (mid-week is starred). It’s not heavy, goat-one, it’s just the Universe giving you a day off mid-week for a rest. Responsibility is draaaaaagging. But more pertinently where do you stand on the thorrny subject of money. Wonga. Lucre. Groats. Spondoolicks. Readies. Right now your head is up your ISA when it comes to money – you’re not taking care of it / you’re not taking care of you because you want more of ‘it’ etc and so forth and ad nauseum. You can do the day job with your horns folded and your hooves in a bucket of tapioca and your face in mountain of pie and your tail at a jaunty angle. What you need to remember at this juncture is that you are a mountain goat. Of all the starry signs, you are actually the most likely to become RIICH! Yes RIIIICH. Le point, mon ami, eeesa, whatta goood eesa de l’argent, eefa you no eesa happy? Hmm?!

If you’re feeling a little off base Tuesday, don’t worry. It’s just a few old gremlins and hang ups from way back floating to the surface while your back’s turned. Let ‘em bubble. They mean no harm. What this is bringing you to is a life-changing swing on Thursday which is teeing you off into your bright new future. The Eclipses have arrived in Aquarius (and your opposite sign Leo) for the next three years. Twice a year the Cosmos will be giving you a wink, nudge or kick in the shins to leave the past as a place you once visited and to encourage you to stride out in the untouched terrain of your future. I’m not here to say it’s all Popsicle-sweet, but you will be all the better for it. Things you never allowed yourself to know about yourself are coming to your door. Significant relationships will be like mirrors, your own personal teachers, so that the you that has been around prior to this magical moment, evolves into the magician rather than the audience. Chest out, make it count, Airy friend. A change is as good as a rest.


If you’re brave enough to make a wish – even for the noise to stop – then so be it fishy. You’re getting matches struck in the dark but it’s almost like it’s happening when you’ve had a crème de menthe too many and you can’t quite follow the light – or even be completely sure it really happened. I can tell you that it is happening but that it’ll be a while before all the lights come on and you recognise the hand in front of your face as your own. Suffice it to say, if you are brave enough to make a wish this week, make it simple and make it about your own visibility. It seems there is plenty trying to find you in this cave. There’s energy around at the moment for you too but when you release it, amongst all this frustration, release it positively in your hearth and home. Bake potatoes with interesting toppings with the kids, make your Mum a face mask of avocado and honey and indulge in the goo with her. Fighting in your home and family now is a sign, sure as fire is hot, that you’re losing the challenge in the cave.