Wednesday, 30 December 2009

January 2010

A BIIIG month, peepies... New Year lands with the first of the month’s two eclipses, Mars and Mercury continue their backwards ho!, the Sun and Venus hoof into Aquarius, Jupiter changes sign for the first time in a year, Saturn heads backwards from mid-month, and the Saturn square Pluto irksomeness is exact once again at month’s end. Ay caramba! Before all of that though: Erratum, bish. This ‘Strologer made a woopsie vz Mercury’s current uiiee. His backwards ho remains in Capricorn and doesn’t slide back into Sadge mid-Jan as I’d mistakenly charted for some of you in the 14 – 28 December forecast. Sorry. For corrected Mercury news see Mercury Woopsie below.

Tune of the month: Astroducky had some sad news about an old friend during the hols. I would like to share it with you next time. I find that during changing times music can be The Thing that helps you work it all out, not just the words, but the feelings the tunes evoke. This time it was James Taylor that came to my aid. I’ve chosen Carolina In My Mind… it’s a song about returning and seems pertinent at a time when we’re in a Mars and Mercury retrograde season.

Weeklies back on Sunday. Stay warm and dry. Have a great New Year’s Eclipse x

The New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 4th house of home and family and these will be some of the cosmic pointy signposts that shape your path in 2010. For some Rams it’s house moving and improving your mudhut, for others it will getting to the bottom of icky family dynamics, for others a parting of some kind regarding parents. In January news: your ruler Mars will remain in reverse thrust all month and you may find you’re backwards in coming forwards when it comes to aligning yourself with ting dat mekka you feel good. Progress that matches your desires vz lovers, chilun, and creative potato painting exhibitions may seem hard to come by. Mid-month Mercury turns to forwards ho and the New Moon Eclipse in your 10th house of success suggests that you can really make progress in new bidniz ventures from then on. Around the same time Jupiter shifts into your 12th house of Meep! and Venus and then the Sun dock in your 11th house of dreams. Things you’ve felt too insecure to wish for become attainable. Set your sails high and go for your dreams fearlessly after this date. Networking is your current Soup du Jour. Mercury Woospie: Thoughts and conflabs about Success are due all month, including rethinks and revisits up until the 16th. Old bizniz partners may be back in the frame. Launch nothing until Monday 18th.

The New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 3rd house of communications, short distance travel, and bros and sisses and these areas are cosmic hotspots for you in 2010. Getting confident about how you speak is part of the picture, emotional moments with bros and sisses will be on the cards for some Bulls, and for all Bulls out of town jaunts and commuting are 2010’s modus operandi. In other news: The planets are gathering in your 9th and 10th houses in January. Study and broadening your horizons are opening new doors to success – watch Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 13th for developments but with Mercury in reverse thrust until 16th, make ne promises pas until Monday 18th. Jupiter moves into your 11th house of friends and networks on the 19th just as the Sun and your ruler Venus dock in your 10th house of success. Money and progress can be made but friends, and pushing on with networking such as through social netwhoring sites will help you along tremendously. Saturn’s station direct in your 6th house of health and work on the 14th means that you need to revisit which aspects of these are trussing you up in the harbour when you’re so keen to set sail. Crack on with the review. The tide will be high in July and you’ll need to be seaworthy. Mercury Woopsie: The Airy messenger is reversing in your 9th house of study, philosophy, long range plans, travel, publishing, and law. Delays and rethinks are par for the course in these areas. Sign nada until the 18th January.

The New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 2nd house and ooof and possessions will be some of the cosmic features shaping your dreams in 2010. Certainly Airy friends who are feeling the pinch at this indulgent time of year will be geared to redouble their efforts to earn more in 2010 from the New Year’s starting pistol. Right now Venus, the Sun, and your reversing ruler Mercury are all in your 8th house of cash, money, lettuce. Raises on the day job, re-mortgaging, consolidating your loans, cashing in on savings – all these things should be under review as ways of straightening out your finances. For many Geminis moonlighting could be the way to go – whether that’s writing jingles for local radio ads or starting blogging of an evening. The 8th rules freelance commissions too, so seek and apply. Anytime after the 18th is Your Time to mekka progress. From the 19th Jupiter moves into your 10th house of success starting a year long cycle of expansion. Jupiter can lead to overconfidence – so be wary of the delusional Icarus Factor. That said, unless going to extremes you should enjoy a year of career progress. Around the 19th the Sun and Venus move into your 9th house of publishing, study, learning, long distance travel and future plans. If you can get to a beach and plan your shiny future then do so. Otherwise, consider how re-training can give you the competitive edge in 2010. Mercury Whoopsie: Oof, spondoolies, dough. Where’ve you been taking your eye off the ball? It’s time to reflect and to explore new ways of getting your fiscal hoojah on an even keel.

The New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 1st house of You, Yourself, and You and 2010 will be a year of breathing in, breathing out, and breathing new life into a New Look You. Ruled by the Moon you’ll be feeling the rising tides already, Crab. These sorts of emotional highs can make you feel you can do anything – or conversely, reveal the things you wish you could do if you weren’t so scared / hiding behind the settee. Prepare to harness these highs during 2010 and to come out from behind the settee, with lovers and close one to onesies as motivating factors and inspiration. Even as we speak, the Sun, Venus and reversing Mercury are churning up attention and focus in your 7th house of one to onesies. There are loving spoonfuls around if you need them – but you’ll have to get out from behind the settee and ask. Eeek! Happily, the New Moon eclipse in this same zone on the 15th January should give you a helping leg up if you need one. Across town: Jupiter’s high jump into your 9th house of study, travel, teaching, and long range planning from the 19th ushers in a year of luck and joy in these areas. If you’ve needed to feel optimistic about the future, Jupiter sez here it comes. It’s likely to be work oriented. Mercury Woopsie: It’s time to tawk about love stuff and say the things that you didn’t say when you wanted to say them last time but were too tongue tied. Bizniz partners could be back with a new take on an old project too.

The New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 12th house of Meep! And putting fear behind you and facing up to your inner gremlins will be one of the cosmic features that shapes your path in 2010, Pussy Cat. No-one likes to stir the poop that we’ve swept into the grubby stairwell of our subconscious. However, if it’s causing you problems in the Here and Now, then a clear out is required. How else can you embrace the present with as much energy and vitality and wide-eyed joy as we all wish to do? Well here is 2010. This year the eclipses fall across your 12th and 6th houses: as below so above – in other words it’s time to identify what’s in the grubby stairwell and how that’s impacting negatively on your health, your daily routines, and your working life and relationships. As we greet 2010 your ruler the Sun, along with Venus and a reversing Mercury, are in your 6th house of work and health. Likely you are already considering what’s working and what isn’t in these areas. By mid month, when Mercury stations direct and Saturn heads backwards it will be a good time to get a review with a boss figure, doctor, acupuncturist, hopi ear candle colonic irrigation expert and thrash out a plan to detox and revitalise yourself on the emotional, spiritual, and physical levels between now and the Sun arriving with you at the end of July. Finally for now: Jupiter’s move into Pisces from the 19th augurs in a time of financial expansion. Make it creative. Even investing in art ticks cosmic boxes. Mercury Woopsie: Health and work niggles and a lack of answers are with you. Review and rethink then make appointments to iron out the wrinkles from 18th January.

The New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 11th house of friends, networking, and wishes and these areas will shape your dreams in 2010. Full Moons signify a culmination of some kind. So the 31st of December means one helluva party or a crisis moment with a friend / sadness that something you’ve wished for hasn’t come to pass. Let ig go. Make room for new dreams. Across town, the planets are stacked up in your zone of lovers, chilun, and creative projects. While it may feel good, your ruler Mercury is in stubborn reverse so clear decisions aren’t forthcoming. By the 19th the picture looks rosier. Things begin to make sense, work projects are bringing satisfaction, and even health is improving. On this day too Jupiter heads on up to your 7th house of one to onesies bringing luck, expansion and the feel good factor to partnerships. Having the planet of luck rising over your horizon means that it’ll be through partnership working in the coming 12 months that your confidence and sense of self can grow. Finally for now, Saturn’s reverse in your 2nd house of earned income from the 14th means the raise you’d hoped for may not be immediately forthcoming. Plan for new approaches to investments and earnings from July. Mercury Woopsie: Your ruler is reversing in your zone of lovers, chilun, and creative whatsit. Confusion, missed emails, unexpected news from old flames or vz former potato painting plans are par for the course. Review and cogitate then push forwards from 18th January.

The New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 10th house of success; Making it in the Big Wide World will be one of the cosmic motivations that shapes your 2010. The Full Moon means a culmination so if your current Board Room Table won’t getchu where you wanna get, then your New Year’s Eve toast-to-self should be to spend 2010 finding opportunities to scale your chosen career ladder. Across town and there’s activity aplenty in your 4th house of home and family including the solar eclipse of the 15th January. There’s likely to have been love and good times around hearth and home over the Christmas bunfight but with Mercury retrograding here, conversations might have stirred up old issues without anything being settled just yet. From the 19th there’s a shift coming. Jupiter moves into your zone of health and work for a year bringing luck and energy. At the same time, the Sun and Venus, your ruler, dock in your 5th house of squeezes, chilun, and creative tingaling. Single Librans, get ready to mingle and shine. Coupled up Librans, kiddiwinks and chilun are in the frame. All Librans, it’s time to get musical and creative. Mercury Woopsie: Postpone buying and selling property until after the 18th as the small print doesn’t stack up under these stars. Likewise improving or renting the spare room should wait until then or you’ll attract the time-wasters. Old news from family needs to be revisited for answers after the 18th.

The New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 9th house of travel, study, and Big Future Plans kick-starting your 2010 with some cosmic signposts to help shape your dreams in the coming 12 months. For some Scorpios New Year will represent a door firmly closing in one of these areas. Fear not. Where one door closes, another opens, and for all Scorpios this Full Moon at warp factor 11 will help you gird your loins to embark on Courageous Adventures in the coming year. Across town: and the Sun, Venus, and reversing Mercury are all partying hard in your 3rd house of gadding, chinwagging, and bros and sisses. Lovers, bizniz partners, and career plans are favourite subjects for visiting and debating – however pixie Mercury is making hearing clearly a tall order. Pardon? Expect to recap on miscommunications and unread emails come the 18th January. In other news: Saturn’s reversing in your 12th house of Meep and your karmic cleansing process gets less tortuous. For Now. Plus, lucky Jupiter arrives on the 19th in your 5th house of lovers, chilun, and creative tingaling. Single Scorps, the world is your dating site. Coupled up Scorps, bebes and children become a source of joy and happiness in the coming 12th months. And for all Scorps, finger painting, playing the spoons, and general creativity are where it’s at. Mercury Woopsie: Conversations don’t quite hit the mark and some leave more questions than when you started. Unexpected news from bros and sisses lands. Travel problems, trains cancelled, cars breaking down when there’s nothing wrong. Computers crashing. All yours until the 18th January. Molto libre.

New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 8th house of Big Cash and Letting Go so lettuce and transformation will be key cosmic features in your 2010. The 8th house rules sex, death, and taxes. The heightened emotions of the Full Moon eclipse suggest that where you’ve been holding on to something unhealthy and not letting go, you’ll Know It, sure as sugar. Money crises / realisations arise under these cosmic climates (pertaining to mortgages, loans, freelance commissions, that sort of cashola) and passions will be heightened too. Oobah around now could be positively on fire. Wink. Across town: the planets are lining up in your 2nd house of earned income. There’s money coming in but it’s under review and there’s questions to be asked – like are you earning enough to cover the fall out of the Big 8th house Cash Lettuce issues? Archers could be looking to change roles and go for the money by the time of the New Moon Eclipse on 15th January. Mars is still stalling in your zone of foreign shores, study, legal whatnot, and long range planning. Take a break in these areas. You can book holidays, training courses, and lawyers from March when he’s back in the driving seat. Finally, the big shift coming for you on 19th of the month is Jupiter’s skidaddle into Pisces for a year long stay. Your cheery, adventurous ruler brings optimism wherever he goes – and mid-month he knocks and enters your zone of home and family. There’s expansion and luck afoot here, and investing in property will be a winner for some Archers. Mercury Woopsie: Mercury’s reversing in your second house of earned income. Stall negotiations here until after the 18th. You won’t have all the facts and bizniz partners could be fudging or just plain ignorant themselves.

The New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 7th house of close one to onesies and Letting Others In is your soup du jour throughout 2010. This year’s eclipses fall across your 1st and 7th house axis emphasising your need to cut poor relationships out, recognise the mirror that close one to onesies can be, and to help yourself evolve into the You you Want To Be by choosing supportive partners wisely. The New Moon eclipse of the 15th January lands in your first house of You and you’ll be gearing up in the days that follow to grow more fully okay with yourself. New Year’s Eve is an emotional crescendo that will help lead to that. If your one to onesies are good, it’s a time to celebrate. If they’re not, it’s a time to realise you have to make room for something better to arrive. Conversations on the 5th and 13th present opportunities to state things more clearly. Venus and the Sun are with you, so there’s love and support around when you need it. In other news: Your ruler does a uiiee on the 14th in your 10th house of success until July. If career plans slow down, or boss figures drag their heels on your promotion, this is why. Forewarned is forearmed. Mercury Woopsie: The winged pixie is reversing in your first house of You until the 16th meaning you are bewildered and misunderstood at times. Wait until after the 18th to clear it up and try to avoid writing anything of importance until then too.

The New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 6th house of work and health and these are two areas to focus your brilliant mind in 2010. A Full Moon represents a culmination so for Inventive Ones feeling the peak of an ache or pain, it’s time for you to stop being a martyr and seek help. For others, work projects could reach a crescendo, and some Airy Ones will be cutting the ties that bind and heading off to find something more appropriate and stimulating. What’s good to know – if you’re planning a move – is that Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion, is moving into your zone of earned income from 19th of January. If you’ve wanted to find an income boost, here it comes. This year’s eclipses fall across your 6th and 12th houses. It’s a time to work out what makes you tick and then use that knowledge to create a life that helps your tickiness thrive. If your working life is playing havoc with your health and sense of well being, that needs to be righted too. Homeostasis, Aquarius. That’s your watchword for 2010. For Aquariuses feeling a bit under par, the Sun and Venus come getcha from the 18th. Pencil wild parties and dancing on tables with the ones you love from then. Finally for now, Mars’s continuing reversal means partners are being stubborn or obstructive. It’s a long process and won’t be righted until March. Patience is a virtue. Mercury Woopsie: The pixie is doing a uiiee in your 12th house of Meep. Information you need or expressing yourself clearly won’t be with you until he arrives in your 1st house of You from 11th February.

The New Year’s Eve Full Moon Eclipse lands in your 5th house of lovers, chilun, and creative ting and these areas have special cosmic significance to you in 2010. Being a watery type, you’ll know that the Full Moon brings with it a culmination. For you Fishy, you cold be seeing red with naughty chilun or tricky lovers, or feeling fit to burst with joy with delightful chilun and gorgeous lovers. The Sun and Venus, currently doing a tour of dooty in your 11th house of wishes and friends suggest that you know what you want (wish for) and that you’ve friends to celebrate with on Hogmanay. For Fishes who aren’t happy with their wash vz chilun and lovers and creative ting, your wishing moon this year is a Solar Eclipse happyhaps on the 15th January. What irks you tomorrow night can be a signpost towards that special wishing moon. In other Bright and Shiny news: Jupiter is coming to play for a whole year! Yes, from 19th January, the feelgood planet of expansion and luck moves into your first house of You, Yourself and You. You may not feel the full benefit until the Venus and Sun have traversed your deep, quiet 12th house towards the middle and end of February, but he’ll be there! Finally for now, Mars’s reverse thrust can mean work projects are stalling. They’ll be cranked up and ready to motor from March, just in time for your birthday burst of energy. Mercury Woopsie: Old friends popping up. Old dreams getting re-discussed. Problems with arranging things with friends. This is your Mercury season. It’ll be back to normal service from the 18th. Harroo.