Monday, 23 June 2008

This week

This week the planets are aligning to bring us some calm after the storm. In fact where the storm has revealed the metaphorical weak spots in your esoteric, emotional, and/or tangible self, the planets will even help you back to your feet. After his destructive interference last week, Pluto (yes Pluto!) is offering to work with YOU and Mars to get a don’t-get-caught-like-that-again plan in the bag. (See ‘My Very Own PL-U-M Sack’, for each sign below). Monday Neptune rules the skies and it’s no day to believe or try selling a tall story. Thursday and Uranus, touched by the Moon, changes direction. See MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing, below.

After the racing and communications overload of the past four or more weeks the urge to slip into your slippers and while away the hours lying on the living room floor eating cashews and admiring your four walls arises. Decorating, beautifying, lounging, gardening, and having friends over for dins are in the stars. So why quibble? Conversations that never quite hit the mark will be got to in the coming weeks and you can feel the wrinkles being ironed already. So mash, Ram. Idle, flop, reeeelax. Monday you ruler Mars is gagged by Neptune and the Moon. Don’t tell porkies when friends ask how things are going and take with a pinch of salt any potential porkies from friends…
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: The kersplat from Pluto last week was to kick you in the head for the way you disperse your energies, talking before you’ve thunk, manufacturing busy-ness to avoid looking at anything you don’t much care for in your day-to-day wash. Stop trying so hard. As your ruler hooks up to Pluto this week you are about to find that focusing you energies on children, creative passions, and squeezing a special squeeze are THE ways to reach those distant horizons you crave and to make the icky tings in life more bearable and less imposing.
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: You are changing as a person. You’re about to have a six months bird’s eye of your progress to see how far you’ve come.

As your bejewelled ruler moves from the flighty, indecisive Gemini to the nurturing, soothing rock pool of Cancer you’ll feel an inner peace returning along with a little melancholic sigh as you leave the past behind and begin to feel your way into a future of new hues. Venus’s click with Saturn last weekend, from your house of chat to your house of lovers, chilun, and creative ting was a gentle agreement about how these things need to walk alongside each other in the future. This week the Sun mirrors that click and how home life fits alongside lovers, chilun, and creative ting comes up for a chat or a think or at least a comparison with good friends over a bottle. Monday and home or family concerns have you telling half-truths at work. Say little, or say nothing if you can. Wednesday is your day to speak. As Mercury moves to full throttle Forward Ho! this week, it’s high time to sort out all those dern financial snafus that have been driving you to gin.
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: Pluto’s part in last week’s upheavals was to force your attentions onto the really really important money issues which you have been avoiding in lieu of shopping and/or drifting. Mars’s hook up to Pluto this week says there are answers to be found at home. Sharing, renting, or investing in property – or moving your business into or out of the house – are ways to make your financial future more secure.
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: Your wish list and your friends list are due for an overhaul and some fine tuning. Don’t get overemotional about it on Thursday. Get practical instead from Friday.

As Mercury, your fairy-winged ruler, scurries forwards after three weeks of hanging around in a wind tunnel, sanity descends once more around your pretty ears and you can start to see the woods for the branches. If there has been something you have been trying to say which has been coming out aspic-about-trout, or worse still, hasn’t been sinking into the ears of those around you, the floor is now yours. With the exception of Monday. That day Mars grabs hold of your voice box and tempts you to mouth off something chronic. But beware. You are still unclear about where you want to be in 5 years time – and mouthing off when you’re void of answers will only undo you in the process. Instead wait until Wednesday when you will speak with the voice from the burning bush and all beside you shalt listen. A note: the Sun and Venus, hanging out now in your second house of material ting means it’s high time you checked the low down on your financial situation. Buying pretty things is de rigueur, but steady if your shopping spree falls on Monday; these are the stars under which a pair of purple loon pants and rainbow braces seem like just the things to cheer you. Oh dearie me.
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: Mars’s trine with Pluto says that the cat having your tongue has had its day, airy fairy. Your key to relationship happiness is speaking your own truth with confidence, vigour, and passion and then sticking to it.
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: Success; a gold watch and a swivel chair or a kaftan, a tumble-down cottage and an outside privvy? Review time is here. You decide.

The unsettling turbulence on your night flight to Venus has been and gone and now she dusts off the flotsam and joins the Sun on a gentle waltz into your first house of you, yourself, and you. The world loves Venus here as it signals a time of nurture, motherliness, and matronly bosoms and you’ll feel that everyone around you is just a bit more can-do, a bit more can-do with a smile on their face, a bit more likely to let you out at the junction. In the still, calm sweetness of this inner peace Mercury, who has been dropping red socks into the white wash of your inner, deeper landscape, at last heads forwards. Now whereas you were terrorised/confused/misguided by the fears of what others may or may not be saying you turn an emotional corner and are more insightful/relaxed/virtually disinterested. The voices may even start to sound like the background noise of choirs at practice. If you can let their angelic words percolate through your shell then come mid-July when Mercury flies into your first house, you’ll be able to make perfect sense out in the real, actual, everyday world. Until then, laze in a peaceful garden of late Spring flowers and tune into your inner radio. Sign any contracts on Wednesday.
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: Put your money where your mouth is where work and health are concerned. A hefty investment may be called for to secure either or both. Can you hop to it?
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: Your path regarding distant horizons (both literal and metaphorical), education, or legal shenanigans which has been stop-start-turn-left-no-right is coming into a time of review. No sudden moves. Time to get your ship in order before you sail.

It’s time to chit chat with friends and write yourself a wishlist. As Venus and the Sun settle down for a four-week perusal of your navel to assess where your inner fears, torments, and insecurities let you down, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spiriting yourself around the social network like an off-duty whore. Perhaps this spiriting-with-your-legs-crossed is a savvy way of finding out what part of your ‘approach’ technique has you crash landing more than you’d like. Similarly, relationships starting or continuing right now are offering you a good looksee under your emotional bonnet - where and how you get spooked by The Two-way dynamic and why you are inclined at times to give your power away. Venus in the 12th house of something-under-the-bed-is-drooling can make a grown man of steel behave like a doormat so swayed is Venus to Be The Saviour. During her annual visit this time try to remember that you are a pussy cat in ermine, not Florence Nightingale’s weaker cousin. Meanwhile across town, the Sun in the 12th can steal your energy leaving you weak as a kitten. If you’re not fit for the social whoring, above, a back rub, manicure, and an early night may be fit for your Highness. Hey nonny nonny.
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: Mars’s double-header with Pluto tells you that when it comes to getting a mate/getting children/getting a creative project off the ground you’ve got to be more direct, confident, and plain speaking. Wishful thinking is bunk.
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: You’re carrying baggage from the past that is no longer of use to you. As Uranus heads backwards it’s time to review what needs to be let go of next.

Your ruler is direct and motoring forwards at last on the open highway of your boardroom table. Watch Wednesday for proof that the graft you’ve been putting in has been worth it. The bosses, commissioners, bookers think you are tippy top and if you’ve been needing some validation, here it comes. Simultaneously, Venus and the Sun’s groovy move into Cancer has you feeling the relief and comfort of the social whirl and the cheering company of friends after the frustrations of the past month or more. Pop that valve, Virgo, pop that bubbly. On Monday don’t seek validation from work colleagues or seek to give it in return. It just won’t ring true. Wait til Wednesday. Also, with Neptune playing havoc with the machinery, any health diagnoses given on Monday could be ripe for a second opinion by mid-week.
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: Mars in your 12th house of enemies, old regrets, and fears makes a constructive trine to Pluto in your house of home and family. Your power struggles are everything to do with a dynamic you learned in childhood between your Ma and Pa. Identify it and drop it. It has no place in undoing you now.
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: Relationships of a biziniz and squeezy nature have been demanding a lot of space, understanding, and flexibility from you to accommodate their spontaneous and unpredictable nature. As Uranus reverses there should be a hiatus in the barrage of big surprises so you can catch your breath.

It’s time to get clear-headed about where you’re going to. Mercury’s move to fifth gear in your house of future horizons after a month’s review means that at last all those jumbled thoughts can be put into an action plan of purpose. The Sun and Venus now shining in your 10th house of, “Me! Pick me!” say that now would be a good time for conversations with bosses about your future horizons. You’re shiny. You’re able to talk lucidly without jibbering. What we can say right here right now is that you need to be aiming for a New Direction 18 months from now. Between now and then it’s a question of perfecting what you’ve got, getting as good as you can, tidying up the loose ends, and making the right impression so the New Start of this New Direction when it comes is Unsullied. Saturn is bringing your past karma round for a thorough washing. It’s a dirty job etc and so forth. Your fear and disrespect for assumed and actual authority figures is your mucky Achilles Heel. Get it cleaned. Get it into balance, Scales. Monday is a day of murky-truths and platitudes. Don’t believe the half of it.
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: Your strength lies in your ability to socialise and network. It’s time to gather an army of supporters. Get more immersed vocally in groups and networks, and within your communities.
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: The stop-start-go-get-off-no-get-on hoopla in the office (or with health problems) heads for a break. Make hay while the sun shines.

After the flipperty-jibbert nature of having the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Gemini for the past month, the Sun and Venus are now in the much more placid and nurturing sign of Cancer. Mercury’s continuing visit to your 8th house of letting go sez that it’s time to talk about the way you talk and how you can use words to move things along. The Sun and Venus are bringing your attention to the areas of study, foreign shores, and more loving, self-affirming future horizons. Even legalities can be smoothed over under these stars but you still have something to let go of first. On Wednesday the Sun hooks up with Saturn. An old boss, friend, or acquaintance can help you get where you’re going and is pleased to help. Early in the week you may find yourself being over-clingy and sentimental with home and family and resisting a call to take a step up the career ladder. Don’t burn bridges or beat yourself up; just endeavour to right the balance as the week progresses.
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: right now career success can be measured by its financial rewards. You are not selling out. You are accepting an important type of energy you need on this material prairie.
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: Uranus’s six month reverse in your 5th house of lovers, chilun, and creative excursions means that the choppy changey nature of these things should (a) not choppy changey quite so rapidly and (b) give you some space to review how you’ve been responding to the choppy changey vis these topics

To make relationships work there is always a need for compromise; otherwise what you get is a mess of insecurities and resentments. Right now, after a month of likely not understanding or being understood by that significant other in your life, Mercury gives a Forward Ho! Call from his bird’s nest and you can at last start to unravel the words-that-got-nowhere-lost-on-the-wind-as-they-were. As Astrobabble has already mentioned the Sun and Venus, now walking gorgeously through your house of letting go, means that where love and your own ego are concerned you can find the will and the heart to compromise for the sake of happy relating. Monday and Neptune in your house of chat and short distant travels, ducks Mars into a swamp. This is no day for thrashing out a game plan vis a long-haul flight to Tobago/long-haul plan for your life’s journey. News from brothers and sisters may be less than watertight. Ask again on Wednesday.
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: Mars in your 9th house of distant horizons, education, and legalities makes a powerful and beneficent call to Pluto in your 1st house of you, yourself, and you. You have the power to get where you want, and now you know it. Don’t do it tyrannically. Do it so the Mahatma would be proud.
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: Decisions, changes, unexpected developments vis home and family should be less dramatic and out-of-the-blue for a while. Use the lull to review how far you’ve come and what changes will be needed in the future.

The Sun and Venus floating into your 7th house of biziniz and squeezy partners is a time for attracting, nurturing, and focusing on the good, the bad, and the ugly ting in the relationships you have, wish you had, wish you could make better. The fact that the Sun and Venus are here together means there are two voices screaming like baby boyds; (1) your ego – ie You and Your Head and (2) your Heart and your inner, sweeter, less grasping You. You are recognising relationship to be a process of give and receive, nuture and be nurtured. Mars’s on-going transit through your eighth house of letting go has been bringing you two, feisty alternatives – either you will fight to the death NOT to change yourself or you have been finding the energy and resolve TO change yourself. Add to this the pressure of Pluto back in your 12th house of, “They’re out to get me!” and you can see that the pressure to Confront The Fear and Confront the Changes is mounting like a head of steam in a tight place under a baking sun. On Wednesday this week Saturn your ruler meets the Sun. A relationship overseas or a long-term commitment that calls for courage and a mature approach are undeniably right under your nose. (See more under Pl-U-M Sack below). On Monday don’t believe a word about money and check your change. Neptune has your inner accountant drunk at the wheel.
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: You know, because it scares you, that the only way you will be happy is by confronting your fears and watching them shrivel to the size of peas. That is Pluto’s mission as he scours your 12th house of dread and inner torment. Listen, learn, make the changes now and when he returns to your first house later this year your power as a commanding Goat will be assured. No more will your control be a motive for camouflaging your lack of confidence. Your authority will come through authenticity and humility, as one who has conquered, and all will fall at your feet in honour.
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: How you speak needs reviewing. Now eees de time.

Work and health are getting a boost this week and at last as Mercury heads forwards in your fifth house of chilun, creative ting, and rumpy squeezes it’s time to sort out all those communication snafus that have been dogging progress and causing mayhem in these areas. The big ‘thrust’ for you this week is Saturn’s link to the Sun which brings with it a revelation that you need to tackle your work approach from a more sophisticated, mature stand point – expect some sort of realisation that you can’t do this like a chaotic charming child anymore, that you have to be more considered, more professional, more grounded and methodical. It’ll feel as natural as a cashmere jumper so slide into the New You with glee.
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: Mars’s hook up with Pluto sez you can stride forwards to your wishes with more confidence and passion in a twosome than you ever could on your lonesome.
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: As your ruler hangs fire and then starts to roll backwards in your 2nd house of possessions, material ting, and material hankering it’s time to review the financial changes of the past six months and how you can get your ducks in a row to contend with coming financial changes down the line.

There’s a sense of an energy bubbling under the surface that is taking an age to push through; almost like a dieter’s most difficult final few pounds to shed before they reach their target weight - but it is coming. This week take solace in turning your attentions to the joys of creative ting, cute squeezes and chilun. There’s something in these encounters that is constructive, long-term, and bringing out the grown up in you – if you’ll let it. Likewise, try talking straight with family and about any issues on the home-front this week and next. You’ve not been giving or getting the whole picture this past month or so.
My Very Own Pl-U-M Sack: Mars in your 6th house of work and health makes a very pretty angle to Pluto, the potent planet of destruction and creation at the weekend. Your career could be going stratospheric – just make sure your head doesn’t explode with your own sense of glory.
MEEP Large-Vehicle-Reversing: You’ve been about as reliable as a bus in a swamp for many moons. As Uranus heads backwards in you first house of you, yourself, and you stop and have a think what it may be like for those on the receiving end of your about-turn turniness.