Sunday, 24 February 2008

This Week

Posted in Oz so an Ozzie twist on things this week. We've got a pretty weekend ahead with Jupiter getting winks from both Venus and Mercury. Gentle, good times for us all but signs most likely to be making /receiving the leap year proposals are Virgos, Librans, and Leos, and Capricorns and Aquariuses respectively. Aussie Dave has a lock up for all Bruces wanting a hide out with no mobile signal for those crucial 24 hrs. Fees negotiable. [PS for those who need to know in the forecasts below, a humpy is an Ozzie term for an Aboriginal home.]

Life is a bowl of peaches. Yes it is. The snafu is that sometimes the peaches go off - particularly if you leave them too long in a bowl on the veranda in the summer, mate. Either sob about it like a sook or throw the bad fruit out into the garden for the possums, eat the good fruit quickly, and then remember next time to keep the peaches in the fridge. If early this week you feel like your life seems to be going fuzzy in the bowl stop for a second and think why. You know there are bits of it that should be fed to the possums and particular habits you need to change. With the Sun still cruising through your misery-loves-company 12th house, take it easy, take your vitamins, and take time out when you can. (Especially if the drongos in the office are bringing you to melting point). Friends love you like a rooster loves corn. Tuesday, Wednesday have them over and remind yourself how good you are.

Monday and reality hits you like a bull bar, Bully, just as you're drifting along on your way to daydream central in your passion wagon. A creative imagination is not a bad thing, whether it's mapping out your lovelife with your latest Bruce, potato painting an impression of Kibbinkibbinwa Point in the rain, or balancing spa days with the girls against care of the rug rats. Problems arise when reality doesn't match up to your rose-tinted vision / your technical ability / your bank balance. What you've got to remember when you see the bull bar of fate up ahead on the highway to lala land is the highway code. Seriously. Pull over and stand back and you'll see there are lanes you could be taking, speed limits you have to adhere to, and warning signs you should take notice of. Hitting a roo at 60 kmph on a scooter is no fun. You know it. Turn the radio down. Sit up straight. Keep your eyes on the road. By Wednesday you'll feel the difference and by Monday week you'll have learned a whole new approach to the open road.

If you feel like life has just been one long rip tide for the past four months, you'd kind of be right. Mars the planet of ra ra ra! Has been hanging around your beach hut and pushing you out there into the racing surf. This has been a prolonged stay for Mars - four months instead of the usual six weeks and it's been all about you motoring forwards in your life. In one more week you'll feel the energy switch to your wallet. So, make waves now while the sun shines. If there's a tube you haven't tackled yet, or a set of waves that'll need some serious energy to take on, do it this week. Make the most of this wild energy while it's out there and ride it. Long-term plans have a rose-tinted hue by mid-week and it just gets better. Monday March 3rd is a big emotional garbage day for you. Put all the past hurts you've either dealt or received out for the garbos. Time to face the future a whole heap lighter.

Ok sweet crab. It's getting time to push on through. You're coming through a long process of emotional pruning. Like cutting yourself a pathway through the bush watching all the time for snakes, you've been hacking your way through some dark inner terrain worried about what might jump up and bite you on the neck. Getting your heart racing with fear now is authority and how it/they stand in your way. Within a month the Sun will be glowing in your house of success and you'll recognise the need for a sign saying 'boss' on your own office door. Before then, and within the next week, the energy, self-belief, and self-reliance you need to get there will be with you. So raise your arm high, crab, and swoosh your way on through those last metres of bush. And what about the snakes? Stomp, mate, with every step you take. And do it like you really mean it.

So. You haven't got the cash to go travelling, you don't want to rack up a mountain of debt going back to school, you want to sue the pants of the guy in the Ute who crashed through your fencing but don't have the solicitor's fees. It's a bind, Hellcat. Money. But what are these limits teaching you? Saturn hanging around the ATM with a disapproving glance every time you visit is there for good reason. He's not putting you off spending. He is putting you off spending without thinking. So think. On the other side of the creek, your love life is doing some pretty bonza things. Mercury the planet of natter is hooking up with Venus in your love zone Tuesday and Wednesday after a looooong build. Is this too early for the leap year proposals (due Friday)? I'd say not ESPECIALLY with a double-bonza kissy wissy next week. Chiron, the wounded healer is touched by Venus on Monday and Mercury Wednesday. The hurts from the past are due to get washed away. More from Astrobabble next Monday...

While the other signs are getting cranky under current skies, you're finding yourself, Virgin, and liking what you find. Saturn, the planet of duty, authority, and propriety, is hanging out in your yard watching every single thing you do. And where others would be wishing themselves up a tree with the koalas, you just suck it up because you love the challenge of meeting his approval. He's opposed by the Sun on Monday so prepare yourself for a double dip of masochistic pleasure. A significant Bruce or Sheila in your life is about to stand in your way. But you're not an easy fool to fool. You know their objections are the best clues on the trail. They are either representing you to you, like a talking mirror voicing a mental block you already have. Or they're pushing you harder so you do better. Win win, pally. On a lovely note too your ruler Mercury shares a stubby with Venus midweek in the office. Work should feel like a good place to be.

At the risk of sounding like a scratched record on a community radio station in Oodnadatta, your two year ongoing pruning process is, uh, ongoing as we speak. It's a process that like buzzing flies will still be going on whether you're hunting out toads in Breakfast Creek or hanging out in Broome on a camping trip. But there will be times when you feel it acutely and one of those times is now. Life's going to feel a bit like the last throes of a diet where those final few pounds are the hardest to shift. For you though, it's not so much about ditching the Tim Tams as it is about wrapping up the loose ends so they don't catch you coming back when the wind gets up. A roo fence isn't a roo fence until it's gone all the way round the paddock. On Monday you'll feel the frustration of the distance left to travel. By Wednesday though your love life will take your mind to another level. You've two weeks of natter and healing in your humpy of humpy (and children). Bring it on!

What you wished for hasn't come true so what are you going to do? Revisit, Scorpio. Geting cranky with those around you, like your friends, kids, lovers, isn't actually going to make your dreams come true. A visit to the beach and some time to revisit your dreams and why you've veered away from them is. Next week you can start planning a new approach to those dreams and you'll find the energy to go get 'em. In the meantime, back at the ranch, you've things going on in your humpy. Those four walls are where the greatest love, healing, and breakthroughs are coming. So if you can't make it down to the bay to daydream about your life dreams, hang out on the deck or indoors under the AC unit, and re-plot your road to the future over a bowl of mangos.

If you've been whingeing like a pom at your nearest and dearest - and with colleagues - you'll be heading for a few home truths in the coming month. So, if that has you sweating at the neck hole, here's the early warning for you. You've a week left to squash your ego under the rim of your Akubra and divvy up your Vegemite sandwiches with feeling. Make love not war, Archer. Help everyone feel they've got a win win even if a compromise is necessary and even if it's you that's making the compromise. Those you trample on on your way up will be waiting when you head back down the Creek again. So don't be rude and don't pee in the water supply as you're heading up stream. If you're putting your house on the market this week, get more than one opinion before you choose a real estate agency. The first one may not tell you what you want to hear.

Goat, this week money is truly in the spotlight. If you need a loan to buy a Ute or some cash to get your humpy restumped the bank manager is likely to say Yes. Likewise you have a silver tongue when negotiating the financial side of any contracts you're after. The real question you need to be asking is whether you have the balance right. Pick which of these is truest to you: (1) My life revolves around money alone and I'm happy about that. (2) My life revolves around money because I've found that it gives me a confidence I wouldn't otherwise have. (3) My life revolves around money and though I know it's a love substitute I'm just too much of a Sheila to ask for the real thing. Your relationship with money has been coming up from the depths and after some sooky spluttering it's becoming clear that the scales may have been dipping too much in one direction. You have the opportunity now to see what you've been missing while you've been away panning for gold in Bendigo. Add in an area of high pressure building in your partnership zone and the expression horny old goat (with only one thought in mind) will feel like it was written about you.

These are pretty sweet times, water bearer. Venus and Mercury have been hanging out on your deck for sometime now and on Tuesday and Wednesday this week they sit side by side for a truly fabulous catch up. What transpires during this sun-speckled tete a tete beneath the gum tree will be further discussed when they go share a soda with Chiron, the planet of healing next week. You're growing lighter. And lighter. One area you have to get through before this is inevitable bills, such as taxes, or even inevitable conversations about money. They're never easy. Be fair. If you can face it Monday and tidy it later in the week, so much the better. If this is a bigger picture of financial downsizing see the pressure as a blessing. It's just the Universe teaching you a lesson in bookkeeping.

A small eureka moment is due this week fish, when at last you recognise that an old self-sabotaging habit has been thrown from your moving car, lightening your load. The battle for lightness kicks on Monday when whoever it is blocks your road to the coast. But they block it for the last time. Where normally you face the dawn after a confrontation with a saddened heart, this time you'll find Venus and Mercury and then Chiron the wounded healer all there cheering ra ra ra! Go fish! Go fish! And you'll know, without any vitreol, that you've done the right thing. If you've energy needed for jobs around the house you've another week to go so roll up the sleeves and get the yard brushed. It's been a while since you've been able to relax within the four walls of your humpy but by the end of the first week of March relax you will. From then on it won't be chores or neighbours but children, creative ventures, and even love affairs will be grabbing your attention.